MC Online Learning Center FAQs

Q: What does Monique Cosmetique do?

A: Monique Cosmetique brings you engaging audio and video lectures to make fulfilling your online continuing education requirements fast and easy.

We know different people learn in different ways, so we provide many forms — audio, video, text — to help you learn the way that works best for you. We follow each online continuing education section with reflective questions to test your new knowledge. Once you complete the certificate assessment, we then send you a certificate via e-mail confirming that you have fulfilled your continuing education course credit.

Q: Not a Computer Expert? Not a problem.

A: If you can get online, you can take our courses. It's important that your internet connection speed be fast enough to watch video. If you have broadband, you can use our Monique Cosmetique Online Learning Center.

Q: Do your courses meet Florida state requirements?

A: Yes, Monique Cosmetique is an approved Continuing Education Provider for the Florida board of Cosmetology. Approval #0004793 view our approved courses on the Florida Board of Cosmetology CE providers list (Page 24-28). If you have a license under the Florida Board of Cosmetology your credit hours will be reported to the state board after you have completed our courses.

Q: Can I take your course if I don't have my license yet?

A: Yes, but we recommend you complete the certificate assessment after you receiv

e your license as the certificate will show the date you took the assessment and in order to receive credit you must be licensed.

Q: What if I'm not a licensed beauty professional, but would like to take the course to gain knowledge can I still take your courses?

A: We make our courses available to anyone who wants to take them. This includes students, beauty professionals, and even the general public who may want to learn more about the subjects we cover.

Q: I just enrolled in a class, now what do I do?

A: You can access all the courses you are taking with MC Online Learning Center under "My Courses".

Once you have selected the course you are taking, click on the “start next lecture button".

We recommend that you enroll in our free demonstration course for students: How to Take a Monique Cosmetique Online Course.

As you progress through the course, click “Complete and continue" to save your place and move to the next lesson. You can close your browser window to exit at any time and your progress will be saved. We recommend the following web browser for the best user experience: Chrome browser, Firefox or Safari.

Q: Do I have to watch the whole course at one time?

A: We know how busy your life can be, and how hard it is to find the time to fulfill your continuing education hours. Now you can watch when you have time, and then return to it later when you have more time.

Q: Can I pause the video?

A: Yes, you can! You can pause and restart as many times as you would like.

Q: I watched all the video and read all the content but my progress bar still shows 97%.

A: Make sure you go back and press “Complete and continue" on the top of the lesson pages that show open circles in front of them on the course navigation bar.

Q: I'm having trouble playing the video, how can I get it to play smoothly?

A: If your video playback isn't as smooth as butter, here are some things you can try:

1.Try letting the video buffer before you view it.
2.Close other browser tabs and windows. This can make a huge difference!
3.Make sure you have either the latest version of Flash running on your computer, or use a browser with native HTML5 support.
4.Switch to another browser to see if that helps. ( Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari work best with our platform.)

Q: What is video buffering, and how do I do it?

A: Buffering is a way of preloading the videos you watch so that fluctuations in your Internet connection don't cause choppy playback.

  • When you play a video, a light gray bar will advance in front of the play-head, showing you how much of your video has been buffered. Your playback should be smooth as long as you're viewing your video within the light gray buffer region.
  • If you're experiencing choppy playback, pause the video, allow the video to buffer for a few moments, and then try playing your video again!

Q: Are handouts included?

A: Our handouts are called lecture attachments and are available in select lessons. If there is a handout with a lesson you will see it in the lecture attachment section of the lesson, there you will be able to download and print the attachment.

Q: How does the test work in the courses?

A: If you are taking a Text Only (reading) Course, you are able to download the test before you start the course. Simply go to the link for the landing page and click on the “pretest". As you go through the course, you can fill out the answers and then at the end of the course, you can input your answers into the computer. You will then print or download your certificate.

  • If you are taking a Video CE Course (watching), you will have a certificate assessment to fill out at the end of the course. The assessment asks questions to generate your certificate and about you experience with the course.

Q: I took the assessment but I didn't get my certificate.

A: Make sure you press or click the submit button at the bottom of the “certificate assessment" before pressing the complete button at the top of the lesson page.

Q: Can someone watch the course with me?

A: We don't have the ability to monitor who watches. As the founder of Monique Cosmetique, I am asking you to be ethical and not let people watch if they haven't paid. The process of putting a course together is quite costly. One of my goals is to get you great continuing education at a low price. The only way we can do this is if everyone “plays the game" fairly. Thank you for doing that!

Q: When will my CEUs be reported to the Florida Board of Cosmetology?

A: We report CEUs to the Board of Cosmetology within 48hrs (2 business days) of the 'completion' of our courses.

Q: How much time will I need to complete a course?

A: Our courses are planned to take 50 minutes per credit hour.

Q: What is your refund policy?

A: As convenient, efficient, and effective as online learning has proven over and over, time and again, we know that it may not be for everyone. Because online learning is fun and challenging, Monique Cosmetique, LLC enforces the following refund policy for all online courses.

72-Hour Refund Policy: Course Purchases

Within 72 hours of enrollment, students must contact our support desk ([email protected]) with a satisfactory explanation about requesting a refund, the course fee may be refunded to the member, provided that less than 30% of the lesson content has been accessed by the student.

After 72 hours of enrollment, course enrollment is final.